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How we helped over 250 brands and apps

In Thing Or Two we use, data, technology, and creativity in order to
achieve the growth that our clients are looking for.
Marketing is what we love and do.


Finding the right segment, the right quality user, while maximizing your ROAS is what we do! WE LOVE UA, let us show you why.


We’re sure you’ve heard the saying before that content is king, and in this wild digital jungle, that saying stands strong. Give your users the value they need, Go Native!


Be it on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, or TikTok, your targeted segments are out there, and you should too. Brand awareness, UA, or sales, we are up for the challenge.


When your audience is looking for you, you HAVE to be there! After they engage you, you HAVE to retarget them! Google ads – Search & Display can get you the most intent audience. Let us show you more.


DV360, DSPs, private deals, In-House optimization tools, we have it all and more. In programmatic advertising the possibilities are limitless.


Whether it’s your website, your app, or your lead campaign for your new startup, we are up for the task.

Ready to play with us?

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